State-of-the-Art Location Sound Equipment for All Types of Productions

Sound Kits

Sound bags, location-ready carts, and semi-fixed installations are available for short and long-term rental for corporate, documentary, ENG, reality, narrative, commercial, and VR / 360 productions.

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Mixers & Recorders

Field mixers and recorders from Sound Devices and Zaxcom, including the Sound Devices 633, Sound Devices 688, Zaxcom Maxx, and Zaxcom Nomad. For cart-based systems the Yamaha QL1.



A wide array of boom, lavalier and stash microphones from the top brands, including DPA, Sanken, Schoeps and Sennheiser. Additionally, binaural and ambisonic microphones for 3D and VR.



20+ wireless channels, including Lectrosonics, Sennheiser and Zaxcom recording transmitters. Additionally, 6+ camera wireless receivers and 20+ IFB / client monitor receivers.


Timecode & Sync

Comprehensive timecode and video sync solutions, including wireless timecode and genlock receivers / generators with 0ppm accuracy, timecode slates, visual timecode displays, etc.



Playback cart with OS X-based system loaded with Pro Tools, Reaper and Logic, an 8-channel AVID audio interface, and a QSC active speaker and subwoofer, for stems capability as well as thump track.


Poles & Suspension

Multiple poles of various lengths, both internally cabled and non-cabled from K-Tek and Ambient; microphone shockmounts and wind protection from Bubblebee Industries, Cinela and Rycote.



Smart battery and power distribution solutions with the highest lithium ion battery density available within travel regulations (98Wh), as well as rechargeable AA and 9V batteries.



Custom sound bags, carts, sound blankets, acoustic rugs, harnesses, custom cables, and other accessories; everything needed to ensure that every production runs smoothly and optimally.

custom Kits

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Custom sound packages for all types of productions are available. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, then please feel free to reach out!


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Copyright © 2016 José Frías. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2016 José Frías. All rights reserved.